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Australian Drosophila Biomedical Research Support Facility



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OzDros, the Australian Drosophila Biomedical Research Support Facility, was established at the Australian National University and currently operates at Monash University with funding from the Australian Government, through a National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) Enabling Grant.

This facility aims to lower the barriers that currently inhibit Drosophila research in Australia by providing expert, low cost support for Drosophila resesarch. We hope to increase the productivity of researchers currently using Drosophila and to encourage more researchers to include Drosophila in their experimental armoury.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - please read.

After several years operating at the Australian National University, OzDros has now moved to Melbourne.

Fly imports will now be handled through Monash University.

The stock collection has been distributed to various Drosophila groups within the Melbourne area and is available free of charge via the shopping-cart system.

Drosophila Kits available for secondary schools.

Schools wishing to obtain Drosophila Kits may contact us to obtain an order form.




The OzDros online stock centre is now available as well as an Excel spreadsheet of available stocks (updated - 30 November 2009).

To access OzDros services you must be a member. Please contact us if you would like more information about joining OzDros.

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OzDros is supported by:


The Australian National University

The University of Melbourne









Monash University

The University of Adelaide

The University of Queensland










Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science

Peter Macallum Cancer Centre